Trent Perrett Photography


Born and raised in Geelong, Australia, Trent has always been fascinated with machines, structures, and the urban environment. As a child, his Dad, Russ would take him to sit for hours on end and watch construction and progress taking place before his very eyes. 

This love of the ‘man-made’ only became stronger throughout his later years. The abundance of design and architecture witnessed on travels around the world, coupled with 5 or so years working in the construction and demolition industry operating heavy machinery, would firmly cement the direction for where he would take his imagery. 

Trent’s keen eye for form and graphic representation in the industrial and urban environment allows him to deliver dynamic and powerful images that hunt down and expose the beauty and often hidden design elements present in our day to day life. 

Trent Perrett Photography is the vehicle to allow Trent to stamp his own brand of Industrial and Architectural photography onto the Australian and International market.

Currently based in the bustling portside city of Hamburg, Germany, Trent works between Australia and Europe.